Next HarKun Seminar on 7 January 2017

Introduction to HarKun’s theory and practice At this workshop, a sample wall will be created and filled with insulation. By the assembly of the materials, the participants experience the efficiency and practicality of this construction. The hand – picking itself […]

HarKun insulation available here!

The multifunctional insulation filling and insulation plaster HARKUN – HLP 300 can now be obtained directly from us as producer. Fields of application are · Insulation layer under floors for heat and impact sound as well as · As an […]

Proof: Statics of HarKun architecture surprisingly large

In his scientific work at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Martin Dümmer investigated the load-bearing capacity of the HarKun construction method and notes that this luminous construction achieves a surprisingly high degree of authenticity. Read here completely in german […]