Facts about heat transfer

The heat transfer through the HarKun wall element is evenly distributed through the offset of the individual planes, see CAD HarKun wall construction. It is hardly weakened by the entire construction, as with a continuous beam layer with a lower insulation value. The individual supports are mainly embedded in insulation materials.

There is the possibility to order different insulation and mass storage layers – depending on climatic conditions. In addition, insulation mats and bulk materials can be combined with one another. In particular, it is possible to install insulation and plaster beams in one operation.

When using natural materials, the ideal combination of diffusion of the gases and capillarity of the moisture must be achieved. The experience in straw bale construction shows that the use of such a construction reduces heat losses by means of ventilation requirements to a minimum.

It is thus possible to explain how the passive house standard can be achieved without ventilation systems and triple glazing with a lower calculated insulation value of approx. 0.15 W / m²K of the building envelope.

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