Implementation facade

If a cladding is used instead of a plaster of wood or clinker, the wind-tight plane can also be sprayed on the machine from the inside at low cost. A ventilated facade does not affect the diffuse open wall construction.

This has an influence on the room climate because the low sd-value and the unbraked capillarity of the outer wall reduce ventilation requirements and thus save energy for heat generation. The room climate, however, is determined not only by the humidity.

The cleaning of the air of dust and odors is achieved by the filtering action of the natural materials. Evidently, clay effectively binds smells, while plants contain essential oils, resins, and waxes, minimizing germ load. The ingredients of these materials are, at the same time, a natural protective agent for the preservation of the substance.

The interior wall construction can be used for back ventilation of the inner shell, as well as diffusion-proof materials such as glass, plastics and metals, without changing the living climate too much.