Insulation filling and insulation plaster HARKUN – HLP 300

The use as an inner insulation behind a lost formwork with reed fabric (72 stalks) usually requires 40mm to 100mm thick fillings. The dry material HLP 300 can be mixed well with the addition of approx. 10% water in a concrete mixing machine and thus achieved a roughly earth-moist state.

HLP 300 can also be processed dry. With special injection machines from GEKOMaschinenbau GmbH in 31319 Sehnde, it is possible, similar to the usual method at the cellulose insulation to fill cavities.

  • Test: compress the earth-moist material with your hands to a ball / tennis ball size; when held together after pressing, the mixture is sufficiently moist.)
  • Rule: the larger the moisture, the stronger the ball sticks, but the longer the respective drying time.
  • In each case a layer of approx. 10-15cm height behind the reed fabric shedding and light-compaction, with earth-moist material until the bonding takes place.
  • Now pull the formwork up again about 30-50cm, then tack tight as before. (The last piece to the ceiling can be pressed in by hand or by means of metal trowels, because the material is as good as plastic. Then attach the last reed fabric.
  • Tip: in order to prevent the trickling, the area of ​​the reed can be adjusted with water and sprayed with a tassel, so that the subsequent plastering process is carried out good adhesion.

Rapid drying of the wet or earth-moist mass must be ensured in order to prevent mold infestation. The use of air blowers, fans and dryers for the drying of the material is very effective and strongly recommended. It is also necessary to remove the moisture for constant cross-ventilation.

More details: german datasheet HARKUN – HLP 300.
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