What is HarKun?

HarKun stands for ecologically sensible construction and uses innovative timber frames. The visionary Benno Hartmann is constantly researching and developing this idea.

In order to make his ideas come true, a wall element was created and tested for statics and then filled with natural building materials.

New natural building material combinations were developed. HarKun also applied as a roof construction and was tested for its ductility. A wooden tower was constructed and tested for a small wind turbine for the energy supply of a Harkun building. Internal flaps for the windows to improve the comfort and thus the saving of heat energy were built, straw panels for the thermal insulation were produced and some others tried in attempts to improve this construction.

The HarKun construction is available to every human being free of charge. Owing to
Publications in relevant forums have allowed everyone the opportunity to obtain patents. In courses there is the possibility to get to know a concentrate of this construction and the efficiency in the creation, in order to develop the HarKun construction and to use it also commercially for itself and other interested parties.