HarKun on Facebook

Visit us on Facebook and invite your friends to LIKE us, so that we can spread the idea of conscious building and innovative wooden framework into the world! HarKun on Facebook is designed as a community – it can be […]

Proof: Statics of HarKun architecture surprisingly large

In his scientific work at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Martin Dümmer investigated the load-bearing capacity of the HarKun construction method and notes that this luminous construction achieves a surprisingly high degree of authenticity. Read here completely in german […]

Study: HarKun is trendsetting

A recent study by the University of Duisburg-Essen on ecological sustainability in the German construction industry praised HarKun wood construction as the most forward-looking idea. More about this in the full german Bachelor thesis of Domenic Zentzis: Ökologische Nachhaltigkeit in […]

Article: Building with HarKun

Article in ”Wohnung + Gesundheit” Nr. 157/2015 IBN – Institut für Baubiologie + Nachhaltigkeit, D-83022 Rosenheim • www.baubiologie.de Download as PDF:IBN-Nr. 157 -Bauen mit HarKun, Hartmann-Walk