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Following Seminars with Benno Hartmann-Walk are on offer:

  • Introduction in HarKun construction in theory an practice
    An innovative, sustainable and cost-effective construction of a wooden framework favors the use of natural materials and at the same time allows for the absence of sheet materials, films and other synthetic materials. With it the house technology can be minimized and the self-sufficiency of the inhabitants be strengthened. The efficiency and versatility of this construction will be experienced in a compressed way in this workshop.
    course length: 3 hours
    fee: voluntary donation
  • Natural colours
    For more than 30,000 years, people have been using natural materials for artistic and practical applications. How were these colours made and used? In this workshop basic principles and colour properties are explained and natural colours are produced for a practical application.
    course length: 4 hours
    fee: 45,-€
  • Tadelakt
    This traditional production of a colored lime-lime plaster comes from Morocco and is related to Stuccolustro. Originally, this technique was used to seal water reservoirs by the Romans. Today they are found in bathrooms and shower areas. It offers versatile oriental design possibilities.
    course length: 5 hours
    fee: 120,-€
  • Clay products
    The building material clay is undergoing a renaissance. The course teaches how to make and how to use clay mud materials. These include clay paints, clay plasters, clay bricks and various clay mixtures.
    course length: 4 hours
    fee: 65,-€
  • Heat insulation
    It is not just a question of heating costs, whether a building needs a thermal insulation. It is also about cosiness. But both are connected. This course aims to provide a basic understanding of the role of technology, building materials and habits, and the financial impact they have.
    course length: 2 hours
    fee: 58,-€
  • I want to build-remodel-renovate
    Construction measures generally require some preparation. I do not only want to know what construction is being built and what materials are used, but also about being aware of the costs. But this is usually not sufficient. The builders and builders pay the event, but donors, architects, craftsmen, neighbors, friends and other people bring their influence, their ideas, their knowledge and their ignorance. What is waiting for me and how are my building wishes best implemented?
    Course length: 2 hours
    fee: 20,- €

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